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A new scheme is being launched to help Wychavon residents access privately rented accommodation but also to provide Landlords more security with the letting of their property. We understand the barriers some residents have in accessing the private rented sector, as well as the issues landlords face when the tenancy has not been successful. We aim negate these problems by matching the most suitable tenant to the property and offering a robust service throughout the tenancy to Landlords.


“I am a landlord with several rental properties in Wychavon, and have worked with the Housing Needs department to place tenants since 2005, during which time we have placed upwards of 30 tenants.


In my opinion they do a very good job of balancing the tenants’ needs with the landlords’ needs, and the fact that I continue to regard them as my first option when a vacancy occurs is a clear indication that I am very satisfied with the service they provide.


We operate together in a spirit of cooperation, and to summarise the two main points which I regard as important from a landlord’s perspective, they go to some lengths to make sure that the tenant is suitable for the particular property and the surrounding area, and also that they can afford the rent in the long term, providing additional financial support where appropriate.


The Wychavon Housing Needs Team, in my opinion, provides an effective, responsive, pragmatic, cost effective range of services for landlords.“

D Steel


We offer Landlord’s three levels of service:


Matching a tenant

This is a free service which involves us finding potential tenants suitable for a particular property who are then referred to the landlord. Wychmove liaises with the landlord for the prospective tenants to view the property and the landlord will make the final selection based on information provided by Wychmove.


Assisted letting

Wychmove will source a tenant suited to the landlord’s requirement for their property and complete an inspection to ensure the property is legally compliant. The service will include, marketing the property via our web site, Council contact centres and social media, so a range of customers can express an interest. All necessary paper work will be drawn up on behalf of the landlord, such as tenancy agreement, inventory schedules and photographs. An exit inspection will also be carried out at the end of the tenancy which is included in our competitive fees for this service.



This service will include the same package as the assisted let but will include the day to day management of the property, quarterly inspections and be the point of contact for any tenancy issues for either the tenant or landlord. This package will provide a quality management service for landlords and the experience of a knowledgeable and friendly team who can react and resolve issues effectively and efficiently. Again we aim to be competitive with the fees that we charge for this service.


Taylor made Services

Wychmove can offer landlords individual services suited to their specific needs as and when required.


“I am a new landlord and the Wychmove team have guided me through the process and I am happy with my current tenant, when there was an issue it was resolved very quickly due to their vast knowledge and experience.”

A Sullivan

Do you only take tenants who are on Housing Benefit?

No we don’t necessary always take tenants on housing benefit; we will consider all prospective tenants, taking into consideration suitability and affordability.

Do you guarantee the rent?

We cannot guarantee the rent, but we will do our up most to ensure that the tenant is able to pay the rent prior to starting the tenancy, we also run a Rent Deposit Bond scheme which covers an amount of rental arrears up to the value of the bond.

Do you do a leasing scheme?

At the moment we do not operate a leasing scheme, but it is something that we may consider in the future.

Can we meet the potential tenants?

If a landlord would like to meet a potential tenant or be present at the viewing stage that can be arranged. We would certainly advise Landlords to meet potential tenants if we are doing an Assisted let and the landlord is managing the property himself.

How do you advertise the rental properties?

The property will be advertised on our website and on the Home Choice Plus website.

Who carries out the repairs?

When any repairs are necessary then you will be informed. We can arrange any repair either using your own nominated contactor or we can use a contractor off the Councils list of approved contractors.

Will my property be satisfactory at the end of the tenancy?

Regular inspections will be carried out on a quarterly basis but will be done more frequently if necessary. A written report will be sent to the landlord either by e-mail or letter depending on the landlord’s preference.

What happens if something goes wrong?

By having good links with various Council / Government departments we will do all that we can to ensure that any problems you have during the tenancy are kept to a minimum. In the event that you need to regain possession of your property we will support you with serving the correct notice and advising you on the correct course of action to take.

Why should I rent my house through Wychmove?

Wychmove is backed by Wychavon District Council meaning that there is accountability and reliability and a very high level of experience with in the Wychmove and housing team.


We match the right tenant to the right property using tenants who have been thoroughly checked and their affordability confirmed.


We offer a Rent Deposit Bond scheme replaces the cash deposit  and will cover rent arrears and damage to the property up to the total amount of the bond, throughout the tenancy period. This saves the landlord from having to lodge a cash deposit with one of the Governments rent deposit schemes.


We are able to do frequent inspections if necessary and rectify problems quickly and effectively when they arise.


We offer flexibility with our repairs  service allowing landlords to have control of repairs when using their own nominated tradesmen organised through ourselves or landlords can use our nominated tradesmen.

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For more information on the Wychmove scheme please contact:

Sarah Cook Private Sector Accommodation Officer Telephone: 01386 565114

Email: sarah.cook@wychavon.gov.uk

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