Help with making access to Private Rentals easier

The Wychmove scheme aims to work with tenants enabling them to access suitable affordable rental properties in the Wychavon area.

A new scheme has been launched by Wychavon to help more people find a home. Wychmove is a new social lettings agency service designed to help those in need of housing who would otherwise shave difficulty accessing privately rented accommodation for a variety of reasons.

Accessing private rented accommodation can be difficult where expensive agent’s fees, large deposits and rent in advance are required or the potential tenant has a poor credit history. Wychmove has been designed to overcome some of these barriers and assist our customers into private rented accommodation.

Traditionally social housing has been used to meet the housing needs of Wychavon residents, but in recent years the supply of social housing is not meeting the increasing demand. Therefore we are looking to the private rented sector to expand the supply of suitable housing as a way of meeting the demand of people in housing need. There are currently very high numbers of people on the waiting list for social housing within the district, with little prospect of being housed in a socially rented property. In 2015 the Home Choice Plus (housing register) allocations policy restricted households being accepted onto the register and the qualifying criteria made some application ineligible to join. Therefore it was important for the Council to find or secure alternative solutions for those customers and Wychmove was created.

The Wychmove scheme can:

  • Offers a free service to help potential tenants access privately rented accommodation.
  • Match tenants to suitable / affordable properties.
  • Offer support with general tenancy and housing advice.
  • Liaise between tenant and landlord.
  • Provide Rent Deposits where appropriate.
  • Support with claiming housing costs.
  • Ensure that the tenancy is affordable and sustainable long term.

Rent Deposit Scheme

Any prospective tenant who has difficulty finding a rent deposit can apply to the Council’s Rent Deposit Scheme. This is an interest free loan which can be used to assist with the start up costs of private renting.

Bond Deposit Guarantee Scheme Agreement

Many landlords who work with us through the Wychmove scheme are willing to accept a paper bond agreement. This is an agreement where the Landlord can claim from the bond at the end of the tenancy if there are rent arrears or property damage. In the event the Council has to honour this claim, any associated costs will be re charged back to the tenant. Landlords have found the bond scheme more preferable to the tenancy deposit schemes where a claim has been made.

Benefits of Private Renting

  • More choice of property availability and location
  • Move in more quickly
  • Flexible length of tenancy
  • No fees for accessing the property
  • No repair costs for maintenance.


Finding a privately rented property that is suitable for a family could potentially be a much quicker way of finding accommodation than for waiting for a property through Home Choice. If you are threatened with homelessness, this could also mean that you find somewhere to live before you become homeless.

‘As housing officers we see demand for suitable housing grow every day. By launching Wychmove we aim to use all of our experience and background knowledge to ensure that we get the right people, in the right property at the right time and create tenancies which are affordable and sustainable long-term. We are confident this will be a ‘win –win’ situation for both tenants and landlords’.

Is Wychmove like a high street letting agent?

Yes we offer similar services to a high street letting agency but because we are part of the Council we can give extra support to tenants because of our links with other Council departments and our wealth of in house experience of housing.

What do you charge?

We do not charge the tenants any fees for accessing a private rental and at the end of the term of the initial agreement there are no charges to continue into a further tenancy term.

What are the benefits of renting with Wychmove?

Finding affordable rental accommodation in the Wychavon area can be very difficult, Wychmove tries to offer affordable properties at a good standard – all our properties have been checked by our Property Standards Officer. We also offer a rent deposit scheme that can also help prospective tenants access private rentals more easily. Our aim is for tenants to access quality, affordable and sustainable accommodation.

Can we talk to you about the scheme at the Civic Centre Pershore?

Yes you can talk to some one either by contacting Sarah Cook by phone where you can have an initial chat or you can also come to the Civic Centre from Monday – Friday between the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm.

What do we need to do to apply for a rent deposit?

To enable us to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for a rent deposit you will need to bring us your last 3 months bank statements as well as 3 months wage slips, proof of any benefits and proof of any outstanding debts.  You will also be asked to complete an income and expenditure form so that we can look at whether the loan is affordable and that you have the ability to repay the loan.

Will you take applicants on housing benefit?

Our aim at Wychmove is to enable people to access private rentals, whatever their circumstances are, as long as the property they want to rent is affordable and suitable for their needs. We have many landlords who are willing to accept tenants on Housing Benefit and we are able to support both the landlord and tenant through the process of making a Housing Benefit claim.

Can private renting be a secure housing option?

Yes they can be a secure option. Understandably many landlords want a tenancy to be for an initial 6 month period, this is common practice and give both the landlords and tenant the time to decide whether the tenancy is sustainable.  If both landlord and tenant are happy at the end of the initial fixed term then there is no reason why a longer tenancy could not be put in place.

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For more information on the Wychmove scheme please contact:

Sarah Cook Private Sector Accomodation Officer T: 01386 565114 E: sarah.cook@wychavon.gov.uk

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