About Wychmove

A new service for landlords and tenants.


Wychavon District Council has been working with landlords and tenants in the Wychavon area for many years within the rented housing sector. We have built strong relationships with landlords who have a variety of properties and deal with anything from single rooms to large family properties. The letting of properties can be a minefield to many and we endeavour to take the stress and strain out of this process for everyone by providing a very high level of service.

The expertise with in our team amounts to many years experience which has built trust with our landlords and tenants alike. Wychmove is a new social lettings agency service designed to help those in need of rehousing who would otherwise struggle to rent privately.

The cost of housing is soring with a recent report by the National Housing Federation calculating Wychavon is the most expensive place to rent in Worcestershire with the average cost of renting a home now £730 a month, and unfortunately this is the only housing option for some residents.

This makes it difficult for many people on lower incomes to be able to sustain a tenancy, assuming they can afford the expensive agents fees and deposits which need to be raised in the first place. This, plus a poor credit history, can exclude some people out of the private rental market completely.


Traditionally social housing has been used as a way of meeting the needs of people in this situation, however demand is high. There are currently 2,400 people on the waiting list for social housing within the district. But even this is not always the answer as accessing the right property for a particular person’s needs can be difficult, while for some there is a low chance of them being able to qualify for a social home. In recent years accessing social housing has become more difficult and this scheme is designed to create more housing options for our residents.

“By launching Wychmove we aim to use all of our experience and background knowledge to ensure we get the right people, in the right property at the right time and create tenancies which are affordable and sustainable long-term.”

“We are confident this will be good news for both tenants and landlords.”

Wych Move

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